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Blue Bottle Coffee

I’d been reading lots of good things about Blue Bottle Coffee. There was a spot in the Ferry Building so J got a latte.

Each cup is brewed using an individual drip filter. They put the coffee in the filter, the filter in the ceramic dripper, and then they pour the hot water into the filter and let it drip. Fancy!

And the finished latte! Ooh la la! J admitted that this was an excellent cup of joe. I tasted it and it was super smooth.

Japanese Deli Lunch At Ferry Building

While in the Ferry building, we shared a little meal along with some of the bread. DELICA rf-1 offers japanese style fast food. They call themselves a japanese deli.
Some of the day’s options.

We picked up this little bento box to go, and it was filled with 5 different things. Three vegan salad options: Hijiki and Soybean Salad (with seaweed mixed with dried soybeans, edamame, konnyaku, daikon, wild mizuna, fried tofu, and kuko), Wasabi Garlic Potato Salad, and Spicy Burdock Root Salad (with braised burdock and konnyaku tossed with thin slices of white onion, celery, julienne carrots, and wild mizuna). And 2 fried meat options: Fried Shrimp Cake and Sweet & Spicy Chicken. All of these were delicious. The salads were especially good, even for being completely vegan!

Acme Bread Onion Loaf

A introduced me to Acme Bread on my last SF visit. They have a retail spot in the Ferry Building. It was so amazing and we all devoured it in such a furor that no photo was taken. Well here it is! It is the onion loaf. It has green onions and regular onions, and it is so good. You can find Acme Bread in a few of their own shops in the bay area along with grocery stores and restaurants in the bay area. I love this bread. And man, for artisinal bread, it’s so cheap! For any bread it’s cheap. This giant loaf was just over $3. I expected it to be so much more! It makes me weepy that I can’t find it around me.

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