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I Heard It Through The Crepevine

Ever driven from LA to San Francisco? Well, now I have. And I have to say, it’s actually fairly easy. 6 hours, but it didn’t seem that long at all. And the scenery isn’t half bad either. So when we got to the bay area, we were famished, so we had to eat! I was being dropped off at Foster City, so I suggested stopping in Burlingame to get something to eat. After we parked the car, I asked a random stranger where we should eat, and she suggested the Crepevine. It’s a fairly casual joint, which sells crepes, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast stuff. Their menu is written in giant colorful blackboards. There are a handful of Crepevines in California.We both got savory crepes. The tuscany crepe had chicken with mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted almonds, provolone, feta, and pesto. The bombay crepe had chicken with spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions with a curry sauce. The tuscany crepe was great, even though I’m not typically into pesto. The bombay crepe had good flavor, but it was kind of filled with stuff I don’t like, so I had to pick around lots of stuff. It was a bit of work. All crepes are served with a side salad and some home fries. These home fries were really herby and awesome. It was a nice meal after a nice ride.
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Wedding At Dominic’s

So the whole reason I was out in San Francisco in the first place was to go to A and E’s wedding. They’ve been engaged FOREVER and they finally got hitched. The ceremony and reception were both held at Dominic’s at Oyster Point, in South San Francisco. It’s on the water, and it was beautiful and peaceful.

Ah… weddings. Booze, booze, and more booze. And it was aflowin’. See that little card? It was a menu of everything they would feed us. How cool are they? I love it, a food list memento.
There were these little sandwiches and tartlets for appetizers. Surprisingly, I wasn’t hungry enough to even try them. What’s become of me?

For dinner, it was a buffet. Always a safe choice. So much more casual, with no need to pick from between the filet or the halibut or the chicken. Excellent pasta salad and fruit salad. The ziti was also good, and the fish was fabulous. It was stuffed with crab or something. I love anything stuffed with crab!
Oh, and the wedding cake? My word. Flippin delicious! Seriously, some of the best wedding cake, EVER.

Tapas Time

Lunch on saturday was a new experience for me. J took me to downtown Mountain View. That’s the home of google. Or at least the city is, not downtown. While we were eating, we saw a bunch of googlers. You could tell because they were wearing google tshirts. We went to Cascal to have tapas. It’s a pretty cute place. Lots of rich and warm colors on the inside. Servers wearing guyabera shirts. The place is cool.
We sat outside on the sidewalk and had some cocktails. I had a regular caipirinha and J went with the caipirinha cosmo. What a girly man. My caipirinha was good, and strong! I got a bit tipsy within a couple of sips.

We got the tapas sampler. It came with a bunch of different little things. All beautiful. There was some delicious really thinly slice ham. I’m not sure what type, but it was damn good. There was a potato fritatta type of a thing. Sorry, I can’t tell you what anything was, I can only describe it. The two little dishes had some ceviche in one and some fish in another. They were both ok. A piece of toasted bread with some kind of liver pate, which I actually liked. Deviled egg, yum! Mussel, not so bad. My favorite thing was what I thought was a mini sausage wrapped with bacon. But oh no! It was a date filled with goat cheese, then wrapped in bacon an grilled. So good! So surprisingly good. I might be going to Amada this weekend, so this was definitely a good intro.

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