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Full On Tourist Mode

I’ve been to the bay area over ¬†half dozen times in my past, but I only did touristy things on my first trip. And I never even ever rode a cable car. Well, I corrected that on this trip. It is extremely touristy, and it gets crowded, and you have to wait in line, but there’s just something about this that was actually fun. You’re going uphill or downhill most of the time, so you get to see some really great views of the city. And it’s fun to have to hold on for dear life. The cable cars don’t even have to obey stop lights or stop signals. It’s bad ass. It dumps you out at Fisherman’s Wharf, which is like tourism central, so we decided to continue the cheesedom by having some clam chowder at Boudin. This place pretty much runs on the clam chowder in the sourdough breadbowl racket, so we had to partake. I’ve had it before so I knew it was good.

They sell cutely shaped sourdough breads as well, for the kiddies and what not. And normal shaped ones too!

Pretty much everyone orders the same thing… clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. You get the whole thing of bread. The clam chowder is actually good, honestly. And then you get to eat your bowl, or at least try to. But in a way, I wish the clam chowder just came in a plain bowl and you just got the bread by itself. The bread bowl ends up sucking so much of your soup, and I’d rather just eat the soup, not slightly soupy bread. This is the one touristy thing that I would recommend everyone to do. And who doesn’t love a giant can of beer that looks like a cute little keg?
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Foreign Cinema Brunch

We keep meaning to check out Foreign Cinema, but it’s just never happened. We want to actually go there to eat dinner and see the movie, but the movies run monthly, and whenever I’m in SF, it’s never a movie I want to see. So we’ll just have to save that for another visit. So instead, we went there for brunch to meet up with A and E. A has eaten here for dinner before, so she was eager to check out the brunch offering. Since I hate waiting, I acted like a proper adult and actually made a reservation. Oh, how I love opentable!

This place is pretty big. It was a nice day so we sat in the outdoor section. This is where they project the movies, when they project movies. It was too sunny so they did not do it that morning. There’s also a large indoor dining area too. Most of the people there were fancy. We looked like total schlubs. But I didn’t care.

A got the yellowfin sandwich. There was much confusion with our strange waiter about whether it would be tuna fish salad or a hunk of grilled tuna, but rest assured, it ended up being a grilled filet. It was supposed to have spicy slaw on it but A said it was not really flavorful nor spicy. She just thought it was an ok sandwich.

E got the fried eggs which were deglazed with balsamic vinegar, and also came with some potato hash, greens, and prosciutto. He thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

J got the khima, which was egg on top of a spiced chicken hash, and served with potato sticks. This was a great dish, I was absolutely crazy about, but J was disappointed that it was served with fried crunchy potato sticks instead of a healthier potato option, perhaps just roasted potatoes.

I went with the french toast. It was baguette french toast with bananas and walnuts and served with maple syrup. This was some of the best friggin french toast I’ve ever had. Kudos to foreign cinema for these. I don’t know what they do to make them, but they’re fabulous.¬†This place is very nice, has good service, and serves up great, fresh, tasty food. It’s certainly not cheap though, for the food or the drinks. They squeeze fresh orange juice here, and it’s $5. But just suck it up and try it at least once. I want to come back and see a movie!

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Hole-In-The-Wall Burmese From Yamo

While walking back from Duc Loi, I noticed some people hanging out by a scary looking store-front. Then I peeked in and noticed cute little old asian ladies furiously cooking up some noodles. And in this tiny closet of a place, all the seats were taken. And people were waiting outside. Then I looked this place up – Yamo. It’s a teeny little burmese joint in the mission where everything is about $5 dollars or less. I had to check it out! So on the night we went to see Conan, we grabbed some to-go because we didn’t have enough time to dine in.

Since everyone was raving about the tea leaf salad, we had to try that. I’ve never tasted anything like this before. It’s got some various shredded greens, and by that I am guessing tea leaves, along with a bunch of other random things like red onions, fried nuts, regular nuts, legumes, herbs, etc. It’s tossed with a tasty savory and slightly sour sauce. It’s just good, and difficult to describe.

J got the curry fish. Contrary to what I thought, this does not have coconut milk in it. Whoo! It is really good high quality fish, extremely lightly battered and fried. And it’s covered in a nice slightly spicy curry-ish sauce (barely curry tasting) with some onions and bell peppers as your veggies. You can get this with rice or noodles. The noodles are just the flour type noodles that you would find in lo mein.

After reading good things about the house noodles, I got one with beef. It’s an extremely simple dish… just noodles and beef! The beef is also high quality and tender, and is just lightly seasoned. It was a bit on the salty side for me, but still good. And there’s a bit of sauce for the noodles that make them quite smooth.

This place is slightly intimidating to order from because I feel like it’s one of those places where you have to know how to order correctly. The ladies are not scary, but the place does not have a cash register and there’s no “order here”, “pick up here” signs. It’s just a big counter with the kitchen behind it. When I called, it rang and rang for a long time, and then finally someone picked up and screamed, and I say screamed, “YAMO!” She didn’t give me a time, she didn’t take my name. It just all seemed crazy. But once we got there, after some slight confusion, we got the food. And it was certainly worth the scare. For $5.25 for each dish, how can you go wrong? Yes, the portions are not large, they are pretty much for one person and one meal. But there’s nothing wrong with that! This is one scary hole-in-the-wall you need to visit!

3406 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 553-8911

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