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Sunday Brunch At Spork

Walking down Valencia, we’ve passed Spork tons of time, but it always was closed. I guess it was just the timing as they’re only open for dinner during the week and also for brunch on the weekends.
It’s a pretty cute place on the inside. We didn’t have to wait, which was well appreciated. The brunch menu is pretty tiny, and not cheap. We both wished there were more options on the menu.

J got the skillet french toast which was a toasted french bread pudding served with fresh fruit, maple syrup, walnuts, whipped honey butter. This thing was like cake for breakfast. He liked it, but found that there was not nearly enough fruit or walnuts. He had a couple of perfect bites, but really neede some more of the fixins to make it great.

I got the mission eggs which was slow roasted carnitas, broken eggs, avocado, corn tortillas, spicy green cabbage, queso fresco, and a heaping helping of cilantro. It was a lovely layered dish. It was another dish where I liked every single one of the components, and they all worked so well together.

I about died at how adorable these little cookies were that they gave us with the check. I mean seriously, look at these teeny little burgers that were cookies! Service was just fine. They’re pretty vigilant about filling up your water glass. It was a nice brunch, but for us, the selection was a bit too limited and it’s on the pricey side. But the not waiting part was nice.

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Tanpopo Ramen At Sakura Festival

After roaming Hayes Valley, we kept on roaming to Japantown. Little did we know that it would be a complete madhouse with the Cherry Blossom Festivities going on. Well, it was just too many people for us. There was tons of food vendors but the lines were atrocious. I wasn’t about to wait for anything ever again after the SF Underground Market experience, so I said f that. Although some of it definitely looked amazing. I mean look at all this meat they’re cooking up!

So instead, we decided to play it luxurious by going indoors and eating some ramen at Tanpopo. This place really seems to specialize in ramen. It’s a small place, with a bar, and pretty much the whole time we were there, we didn’t see anyone order anything aside from ramen. This is all a good sign. They have many different kinds to suit your ramen fancy.

J went with the soy broth with won tons and extra pork. Oh so delicious. You know these bowls of noodley goodness were made with love… just look at the beautiful steam coming off every chopstick-ful bite. The broth was rich, porky, and garnished just right. These bowls could have gone on forever. We only wish they had.

I like a little spice now and then, so I got the spicy miso ramen which is served with sprouts, pork, and the standard bamboo shoots, fish cake, and hard boiled egg. This thing is spicy. It’s not too spicy, but it’s definitely not mild. You have to be able to handle some spice. It was so spicy that it was difficult to slurp up the broth just on its own. You definitely needed noodles and other toothsome bites to take off some of the heat. But I loved it. This was some of the best ramen I’ve ever had. And I got really sad when my bowl became empty. I wanted more!

Service was ok. We were seated immediately but it took awhile for us to get menus and water. We actually had to ask for menus after just sitting there for awhile twiddling our thumbs. But the girls there were really busy, so we understood. And it didn’t take very long for our ramen to come out. If you love ramen, check it out!

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Al Fresco Brunch At Frjtz

On a weekend in the mission, everyone does brunch. And because we’re not super early birds, by the time we want to go eat brunch, it’s when everyone else also wants to eat brunch. This all leads to long waits. I hate waiting. We attempted to go to Maverick but there was about a 45 minute wait there, so we kept on walking. We walked back to Valencia and saw a sign in front of Frjtz for belgian waffles. I had just mentioned wanting one so we decided to stop here. We had gone here before for dinner and had a great time, so things looked promising. We got a seat outside on this beautiful day. They have fresh lemonade and iced tea. J decided to literally mix it up and ask for a half lemonade, half iced tea, which they obliged.

Frjtz does brunch just on the weekend. Here’s the Rijks, which is two poached eggs on english muffins with prosciutto and chipotle hollandaise, served with home potatoes and corn bread. J found the prosciutto a bit too much on the salty side, but otherwise enjoyed this dish a lot. I particularly liked the home potatoes, which ended up being like an onion-y home fry fritter. It was really great! And although this cornbread was plain, I still liked it.

I wanted something a little sweet so I went with le Pompidou, which is brazilian style french toast (rabanada) served with date butter, maple syrup, strawberries, and mango. Whoa, this thing was decadent and delicious and beyond sweet. Everything is super sweet as the ingredients include tons of sweetened condensed milk, straight up sugar, etc. But damn, this is good. And the date butter is extremely rich but worth it. The fruit was also of high quality and especially ripe. Frjtz has never been busy either time I’ve been here. But I’ve enjoyed both my experiences. And hey, I love not having to wait for a table!
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