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After actually being in New Orleans, I didn’t want to see any more New Orleans style food. But I kept telling E about it and she wanted some. Now with months having passed since my visit to the big easy, it was time to trek through the snow to check out Catahoula. So I totally didn’t think Catahoula would be where it is. I pictured it being near other restaurants, other nightlife, other shops. But it is really all by itself, except a funeral home nearby. Otherwise, it’s just houses people, just houses. I also didn’t know it would be so teeny! There are only a few high-top tables and then the bar. It’s seriously small, or as they say, intimate.
The gumbo and the crawfish bisque. This is considered a cup, but it sure looks like a giant bowl to me. It’s really sizeable. I can’t even imagine how big the bowl must be. The bisque was delicious. The gumbo was ok, it was a bit too intense for me.

Here are the hush puppies. These puppies are big too. I found them a bit too mushy and undercooked on the inside, but otherwise, they were good. I think we ate maybe two of these.
We both got po-boys. E got catfish and I got shrimp. These were pretty good. The bread is some of the crustiest bread I’ve ever eaten. And not like hard crunchy crusty, but like fall-apart crusty. So every time you took a bite, bits of bread are all over the damn place. It’s good bread, but I just wish it stayed together a bit more. The fries are good too!
I was pretty full, but we ended up sharing the special dessert of the night – Sweet Dee’s chocolate cake, served with vanilla ice cream. OH. MY. WORD. So seriously, this was some of the best cake I’ve ever had in my life. It was so super dense and amazing. And the vanilla ice cream, which was absolutely delicious and simple on its own, was the world’s most perfect compliment for this cake. People, this cake is up there with Golosa’s red velvet cake. And I’m not even a chocolate person! I’m certainly not a chocolate cake person, but I could have eaten the whole thing, and maybe I even did. Our waitress wasn’t the best, and that’s being nice. I hope she has other career aspirations!

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Cosimo’s – Chestnut Hill Pizza Joint

On New Year’s Day this year, I really was hankering for a schmitter. Like seriously. I hadn’t craved something so specific in a long time, and this is what I needed to have. I was stupid and didn’t check if they were open. So while in a ravenous hunger and after having trekked through snow, I learned it the hard way. Cue the sad face. And since we were all the way up there, and because the other chestnut hill pickins were also quite slim, we ended up at Cosimo’s Pizza Cafe. I got this gigantor sized slice of barbecue chicken pizza, which was pretty darn good.
J got this italian pork sandwich with broccoli rabe. Sadly, it was more like a broccoli rabe sandwich with pork. Really though, look how paltry the pork portions are here! And the pork was a bit on the dry side too. Well, at least the pizza was good!
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Sausage Sandwiches A La Biker Jim’s

What do you do when you have a packet of sweet italian sausage in the fridge and you have to do something with it? You fry it up!
And luckily you have some onions and peppers hanging around so you cook those up too.
And then you ┬ámake yourself some delicious sausage sandwiches. But then you realize that when you were in Denver you had Biker Jim’s and he used cream cheese as a requisite condiment, so you use the cream cheese that’s in your fridge too. And it becomes an even more glorious sausage sandwich.

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