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Up Up And Away!

Hey y’all, I start my new gig tomorrow, after several luxurious months off being a lady of leisure! Oh, how I will miss it so! So I’m on my way to Seattle for the next couple weeks. I’ll be in the burbs but I’ve already done some research and have some dining spots picked out. There will be plenty to post about! Stay cool east coasters!

Airport Lunch

While waiting for my flight, I dined at SEATAC at Pallino. It’s a fast food pasta joint. It’s a local chain. They have pizza here, but this ain’t no Sbarro. I got penne a la vodka and also got a chopped salad to go.
The pasta comes in some fancy takeout ware. It was fine, but nothing exciting. One thing annoying were their forks. I know they were trying to be stylish, but really, this wasn’t a fork, it was a mini plastic trident. And it was nearly impossible to actually pick up pasta with it. I ended up having to spear the pastas from the open ends. Too much work if you ask me.

Drive Thru Coffee

They love them some damn coffee up in these parts. Whether it’s Seattle or Portland, or anywhere in between, they’re crazy about it. Not only will you see proper coffee shops everywhere, but you also see adorable little drive-up coffee spots all over the place. Some are chains, some are not, some are plain, and others, like the one below, are works of art.

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