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Puerto Rican Fried Fest

For my last day in Seattle proper, we explored the Ballard neighborhood. After checking out one cute ass store after another, we got some lunch at La Isla, a puerto rican restaurant. I’ve eaten all kinds of ethnic foods, but I’ve never actually eaten puerto rican food before. So this was a first.
The place is pretty small, and the tables are packed quite close together. There is also outdoor seating. Everything is bright and colorful with ethnic art all over the place. We got there fairly early, and it was pretty much empty, but it started filling up quickly.
We got the plato de aperitivo, which was a sampler of their appetizers. We picked ours with shrimp empanada, veggie alcapurria, bacalaito, and tostones. The shrimp empanada kicked ass. I really loved it. The alcapurria was pretty good too. The bacalaito I did not care for. It’s a cod fritter, and to me, it just seemed like fried hard fish. The tostones were good too, but fairly plain.
For our main dishes, we both ended up getting empanada lunch specials. A got the papa empanada, which is made with a potato filling. She got plain rice.
I got the ground beef empanada, which was good, but nothing exciting. I preferred the shrimp one. I got mine with their rice and beans, which was quite amazing. And the sauce accompanying the empanadas is good too. But really, did I need so much?
Service was good, prices were quite reasonable. Although perhaps everything was a bit too deep fried for me, it was a fun introduction to puerto rican food. I would definitely try it again, but perhaps I’ll venture into the non fried category.
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Sushi Go Round

So after getting some beers at Oktoberfest and roaming around at the Fremont Sunday Market, we needed some sustenance, and ended up at Blue C Sushi on the main strip. It’s a conveyor belt sushi place. And actually, the last time I ate at one of these was Brazil. And the place we used to go in Brazil was some of the best sushi I’d ever had in my life. But I didn’t have such high hopes for this joint.
One of the things I got was a lobster roll. I think it’s imitation lobster, breaded and deep fried, and then rolled up with some standard sushi fare. It was ok. I also had a fried tofu roll which was also ok. The tofu was a little too hard and chewy.
In general, all the food was mediocre, at best. I also ordered yakisoba, and they just kept not giving it to me. It doesn’t come on the conveyor, so it was a special order. The waitress kept coming by and saying did you get it yet, and I kept saying no. And I kept not getting it. And then eventually, it did end up on the conveyor, miraculously, but once I tried it, it was bad. It was cold, which was ironic, since it was on the conveyor specially placed on one of the hot stands. So terrible. So greasy. Such a waste of my time.
But luckily for this restauranat, the entire meal was salvaged by the V8 roll. Both A and I thought that everything was pretty blah, except for this amazing roll. What’s in this? Deep fried green beans, cucumber, and something that’s like a carrot, but not exactly a carrot (I forget exactly). Topped with avocado and pico de gallo, and served with a spicy sauce. Seriously folks, I should have just ordered 3 of these. And if I had to go back to this place, that’s exactly what I’d do. One of the best rolls I’ve ever had in my life.
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Fremont Oktoberfest

We caught the last day of the Oktoberfest in the Fremont neighborhood. There’s lots of water in Seattle, I don’t know what they are or what they’re named. But you have to cross a bridge to get to Fremont. It’s a cute little neighborhood, practically too cute. There’s tons of cute neighborhoods in Seattle.
Admission gets you a bunch of tokens and each token gets you a little sample. And you get this adorable little commemorative mug.
The pacific northwest certainly doesn’t have a shortage of microbrews. Below is the adorable Deschutes barrel. I’m a wheat beer girl, so I enjoyed several good hefeweizens, along with a pear cider, which was like juice, I could have drank it by the pitcherfull.This was a 3 day festival, so they’d gone through their share of beers.
The only bummer was that once you were inside, the food choices were next to none. There was only this one Ziegler’s place. I wasn’t feeling any of it, but they did sell giant things of fries. And the best part was that the fries were cut with a drill. And when they serve the fries, it’s the size of the fryer basket. And that is no exaggeration. It is the largest serving of french fries I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was quite the life, drinking outside in the middle of the day.

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