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Maneki – Japanese In Seattle

After finally getting back to Seattle, it was time to have my first meal here. So I headed over to the international district to have some japanese food at Maneki. This place is old. I mean like really really old.

How old you say? Try over 100 years old. Yeah, I said it. This place has been around for more than a friggin century. That’s an accomplishment if I’ve ever heard one. It was Seattle’s first sushi bar. As well as Seattle’s first tatami rooms. As well as Seattle’s first karaoke bar. That’s a lot of firsts! It’s actually run by japanese people. They speak japanese to each other! It’s authentic, and popular, and that’s why I had to sit at the bar, even on a quiet Sunday night.

A couple of delicious sushi rolls… Tasty and adorable, with little sprouts and all. Yes, you don’t even have to ask, it was extremely fresh!

One of my favorite japanese dishes of all, the agadashi tofu. Why do I like this so much? I like tofu. I like dashi. Put them together! The grated daikon was an especially tasty touch.

Tempura udon. I always crave bowls of noodles, and udon is a particularly favorite noodle of mine. This bowl wasn’t particularly exciting, as the broth was kind of bland, but it was just fine. The tempura was great though, especially the sweet potato. Not only is this place old and good, but their prices are great! It’s some of the most afforable sushi and japanese food you’ll find anywhere. It certainly isn’t fancy, but who cares about fancy, just care about the great food!
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Boston’s Boring Salad

For my last day in Seattle, we went on another team lunch. This time, we were back at Mill Creek Town Center, dining at Boston’s Gourmet Pizza. It’s a chain of restaurants, seems to be a sports bar type place, that has tons of different gourmet pizzas, along with sandwiches, salads, and entrees. Man, was this place huge! There’s the main dining area, which is huge, and then the bar area, which is just as huge. I wonder if this place ever gets packed. I was going to be flying all day, so I wanted something light. So I got the Boston’s Chicken Salad. It came with grilled chicken breast, cheddar and mozzarella, smoked bacon, carrots, pecans, and is topped with sliced eggs and tomatoes. I nixed the pecans and got oil and vinegar dressing. While the salad part was ok, the dressing was not interesting at all. So it ended up being a fairly bland salad. And sadly, the chicken was also pretty blah. I can’t believe that it was actually grilled. It tasted like it was boiled and then they grilled it last minute to warm it up and make it look grilled. It was such boring chicken! It was such a stark contrast from that amazing piece of chicken that was on my salad at Red Robin. It’s a shame really. The innards of this salad were great. Had they had better dressing and good chicken, it would have probably been quite good. The piece of garlic bread it came with was pretty good. The service was good though. Maybe not so much good, but certainlyl enthusiastic. For it being noon, the girl was freakishly chipper.


When I read that there was a cambodian restaurant around, I had to try it. I wasn’t sure what it would be like, but it had excellent reviews. It’s tucked away in a tiny strip mall near the Lynnwood convention center. The place is pretty big, but it was pretty deserted that night.
I started off with the Phnom Phen soup. I’m not sure what the broth was, but it felt like a light seafood based pho. It had shrimp, squid, and fish cake. The fish cake tasted weird, so I skipped those. The squid was amazing and the shrimp was ok. The broth was slightly bland, so once I added a little sriracha to it, it was perfect. I wanted more when I was done!
I had to try one of their banh mi type sandwiches because it seems to be their specialty. I got one with beef. This was ok, I wasn’t to crazy about it. They bake their bread, which was super crusty and amazing. Props for the homemade bread. But instead of the “pate” type stuff that’s typically in these, it was slathered with mayo. It was just too much mayo. The meat was also a bit tough.

But overall, I enjoyed my time here. The soup was worth everything. Service was good and they were very friendly. Their menu is big and includes chinese dishes too, and there’s pictures of everything so you can see what you’re getting yourself into. And everything is super cheap! I encourage you to try it.

Kirirom Restaurant & Bakery

19417 36th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 672-7560

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