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Ta-Ke Sushi

After having some of the best sushi ever, I was hankering for some more. Which probably wasn’t a good thing. Because I basically set myself up for disappointment. Any sushi after Guu is not going to be guud enough. But my cravings won out. After consulting my trusty yelp, I found a place right near my hotel – Ta-Ke Sushi. This is a hard place to find. It’s in a shopping center, but in the most hiddenest place in the whole damn shopping center. I had to drive around several times to find it. It didn’t help that their sign wasn’t lit up either. Once I finally got there, it was fairly deserted. The whole time I was there, there were only two other parties dining. It was a shame, but it was a Tuesday night in Bothell. I sat at the bar to watch the chef at work. Started off with a salad. Loved it. I just got the sushi special. They have a bunch of goofy rolls, and I love me some funky sushi rolls, but I decided to go simple and just get a sampler instead. This was good sushi, but it wasn’t great sushi, you know? And if I hadn’t just eaten at Guu, it might have been great sushi. But I’m ruined. And so I only found it to be good. You can’t blame a girl for having been ruined for life for any other sushi besides Guu. They had a dessert special that night – tempura cheesecake. No joke. It’s a piece of cheesecake dipped in tempura batter and fried. And damn, if it wasn’t delicious. I like cheesecake, so deep fry it? Yeah, it’s even better. Everyone was super nice. My server was nice, the sushi chef was super nice, and the lady who prepared my tempura cheesecake was a sweetheart. It seemed like they were a family. It’s an adorable little family run sushi joint. Please go!

Canyon Park Shopping Center
1427 228th St SE
Bothell, WA 98021
(425) 398-0953
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Yes, Quiznos!

Now I ain’t gonna lie to ya. I like Quiznos. And who wouldn’t? It puts subway to shame. It’s all about the honey bacon club on wheat, toasted. It’s so about the toasted! Turkey, bacon, ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomato, and awesome honey-french dressing. There’s nothing on this I do not like. The dressing and the red onions (and it has to be red onions) put this sandwich over the top. You don’t need to try anything else. It’s a shame that there isn’t one close to me. There used to be one, but it had a sprinkler system accident, and never reopened. That was years ago. It’s so sad.


M took me out to dinner one night in his neck of the woods, Bellevue. What’s in Bellevue? Well, the place is huge. I mean, it’s technically a suburb of Seattle, but it’s not anyone’s suburb. It’s a big ass city on its own. It’s the second largest city center in all of Washington. Its downtown rivals any large city’s downtown. It has a giant mall. Lots of people live there. Anyway, we grabbed a quick bite at the Pumphouse. It’s a bar, and not in a particularly attractive location. But once inside, it’s homey. You wouldn’t expect it to be like that. It’s slightly divey, but not in a bad way, definitely not fancy, and without one ounce of pretense. Anyone can hang out here. I got a french dip sandwich. I always have a soft place in my heart for the french dip. I guess I like anything that comes with something you can dip into, especially au jus. The fries were ok. I also had my first taste of a local brew – Mac & Jacks. It’s a brewery from Redmond, you know, neighbor to Bellevue, and home of Microsoft. Everybody knows Mac & Jacks around here, namely it’s Mac & Jack’s amber ale. Namely, it’s tasty.
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