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Milk Bags… Literally

Did you know that our northern neighbors get their milk in bags? So close, yet so far away. Somehow,
methinks this would never work in the States! We would rather have containers that remove themselves
from the fridge, pours itself into a glass, and then puts itself back in the fridge. Cutting a hole? Putting
it into a jug? Not being able to seal it? All seem so inconceivable here!

Geekette On Call

I spent most of the weekend being a Geek on Call. My mom’s computer got a virus and it took forever for me to fix it. After performing my daughterly tech duties, I decided to pilfer some cherries. Then I saw this. WTF? This made me sad.

Summer Festival At Mitsuwa

The festival itself was small, just in a small section of the parking lot, but kind of adorable. Really corny, but amusing at the same time. And of course, there was tons of food! And for festival food, quite affordable. And the later it went, they started slashing prices! I have NEVER seen this at any other festival. Ever. Tofu bento boxes. The tofu was in the shape of a heart. Awww…

A giant heap of yakisoba. Whoo!
These pocky were absolutely ginormous. They were part of the prizes they were giving away for some of their really cute kid games.

Lobster! They had whole lobster! And it was $10! And all kinds of seafoods and meats on sticks. You can’t have japanese food without yakitori!

Dry ice makes kooky japanese drinks even that more appealing.
Later in the day, we had actual festival food. Some udon noodles. These were only $2! Down from $5 earlier in the day! And some iced green tea. Looks amazing!

Mmm… japanese curry… my favorite kind… That’s not me pointing to it, but that’s what I’m thinking in my head. Gimme some!

And then I got some… And it was amazing. I got an extra huge helping because I actually got the last of the chicken curry. And the dude gave me every last drop that was in the pot. I love when that happens.

There was also a taiko band and some adorable old ladies in kimonos doing the bon dance. Despite it being absolutely packed, it was still a great time.
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