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Oxbow – Fancy Food Market Napa Style

While in Napa, we parked at the Oxbow Public Market. What is it? It’s like the Ferry Building, but smaller. But just as swanky and expensive. Definitely a place I would love to visit on a daily basis, if I was rich.
Fancy teas!
Fancy spices!
Fancy rotisseries!
Fancy oysters!
Fancy food related home decorations!
Fancy wines! Also fancy ice creams, fancy cupcakes, fancy groceries, fancy seafoods, fancy cheese, fancy coffee! You catch my drift. Need to win the lottery, stat.

My Dream!

The booze aisle at a Target in Winston-Salem. I’m not in Pennsy anymore!


Sometimes my mom just comes by and drops off fruit. Even when I’m not there. She’s like a little fruit fairy. On this last fruit fairy drop, she included cherries. I’ve been scoping some out at the grocery stores but they tend to be mad expensive. I don’t know why, but they just are. So I was glad to be given this special treat. They weren’t the best cherries in the world, but still good!

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