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Yuki Sushi

You all know that whenever it’s up to my mom to pick a restaurant, it’ll b sushi. Hands down. Bar none. No questions asked. This is how I’ve ended up visiting many of the countless sushi joints in the Philadelphia burbs. One of them is Yuki Sushi, in Newtown Square. In a random strip mall, it was originally a thai joint, but no longer! Now it’s a sushi joint!
Green salad with ginger dressing… ubiquitous to sushi spots and one of my most preferred salads. This was well done. Look at the fancy cucumber slices!
My mom’s sushi regular, her go-to dish at any sushi joint. It was supposed to be 7 pieces of assorted sushi, but two of them are the same tuna. A perfectly respectable plate of raw fish.
I got the tempura udon. While the tempura bit was fine, I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the udon. The bowl was very small and the broth was bland! You should just get more, physically and figuratively, for $14. I’ve had better, I’ve had worse. If you have a hankering and you live close by, it’s certainly an option!
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SangKee Asian Bistro Visit

When it comes to an easy meal out near home, SangKee is always one of the top choices. The last time my mom and I stopped by, they had brand new menus with a fancy and colorful cover. It doesn’t matter what day or what time I go to this place. It’s always busy! And it makes sense, because their food is always consistently good.
Here’s something I’d never tried before in all of my previous visits – the fried shrimp dumplings. These suckers are hot, stuffed with yummy shrimp, and serviced with a sweet and savory dipping sauce.
My mom got the whole bronzino with ginger and soy sauce. This was a huge whole fish! Neither of us expected it to be this big. It was light and flaky and fresh. The sauce was a little boring and bland, they certainly could have kicked it up a notch. But it was well worth it. My mom got several more meals out of the leftovers!
I always like their big broth noodles bowls, so I mixed it up from my usual and got the stewed beef with udon noodles. The meat was tender and strong with 5-spice flavor, and I’m a total sucker for thick udon noodles. Service here is always good.

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Le Saigon

On a night with one of those horrendous downpours where you can’t see a foot in front of you, I ended up having dinner with A in Paoli at Le Saigon. It was pretty deserted on this weekday holiday. I hadn’t been there in years, and it certainly seems the menu has changed. There’s actually pho permanently on the menu now, which is a nice plus! And there’s also many more dishes that seem straight up chinese. These dumplings were pretty standard pork filled steamed dumplings. These were good, but nothing special.
A always gets the lemongrass chicken at any vietnamese restaurant she goes to, so she went with that again. She liked it just fine.
It was too humid for pho and I wanted something different, so I got the sesame tofu. It was basically like sesame chicken, only with tofu triangles. It was pretty good! When it got cold, it wasn’t nearly as good because the tofu got pretty hard and too chewy, but otherwise, it was a good base for the sweet and savory sauce. Service was just fine. We don’t have that many options for vietnamese food in the burbs, so this is a pretty good one.

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