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Town Hall Coffee

I’d been wishing for better coffee shops around my hood, so I was excited when I found out about Town Hall Coffee. I checked it out on a cold saturday morning.
Oh, this place is in an unfortunate location. You can barely tell it’s there. It’s in the same strip that Hymie’s is in, but unless I knew that, I would have never noticed its existence. You can barely tell from the street it’s there. There is a small parking lot behind the place, but you also have to know that’s there. Otherwise, it’s street parking on Montgomery, and Montgomery is a busy street, especially there. The place is really attractive and decorated well. You can tell a lot of thought was put into every detail. It’s a shame it is where it is. Move it somewhere a bit more easy to find and get to, and it would be doing gangbusters.
They obviously have coffee, but also have an array of teas from Steap. There’s also a little bit of food too, which I did not try.
A beautiful espresso. I especially love the tree stump tables they have. Some of their big chairs are comfortable, some are not. You have to try them out.
A latte. Their coffees are strong, which is good. They rotate the beans from various fancy schmancy places, like Counter Culture and Intelligentsia. Perhaps this is why the prices are a bit on the high side, in my opinion. I know we’re in the main line, but we’re not in the mission in san francisco. It’s kind of strange to be charging san franciso prices. J got a bagel while we were here, and he did absolutely love the bagel. We’re thinking it comes from Hymie’s or wherever Hymie’s gets their bagels from. It was also perfectly toasted, almost unnaturally so. What kind of toaster is this? Is this some industrial secret type toaster technology reserved for restaurants? All I know is i definitely want one.
I have one big bone to pick with this place – the noise due to the kids. They actually have an area in the back which seems to be geared for kids or people who want to bring their kids. But once you do this, the coffee house vibe is gone. Instead, it sounds like a freakin playground. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a coffee shop, I don’t go there to hear screaming kids, and that’s what I experienced that day. It’s a great idea to cater to main line moms, but it just seems a bit disjointed for people who want to relax on a saturday morning with some coffee and their laptop. Perhaps they need to do more work on soundproofing. It’s clear that they put a lot of love into this place. Everyone working was friendly and the coffee is quite good. Even the atmosphere totally works for me. They also have great hours. But man, I certainly won’t be coming back during the day!

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Boulder Bushanbe Teahouse

When we were in Fort Collins, our host told us that her favorite place in Boulder was the Teahouse. So we went! It is a beautiful teahouse and restaurant.
This Teahouse exists because it was a gift to Boulder from their sister city, Dushanbe. For four years, artisans from Tajikistan created the hand-carved and hand-painted ceilings, tables, stools, columns, and exterior. It really is quite beautiful, and worth a visit just to check out the artistry.
It was yet another beautiful warm and sunny Colorado day, so we sat outside. S got the soup of the day, which was a split pea. Ok, so I don’t remember having tried split pea soup back in the day, but if it tastes like this, then I need to have more of it. It was slightly chunky and had a bit of a curry flavor. Is this what it’s supposed to taste like? I have no idea, but it was pretty awesome. I could have eaten many more bowls of this.
The menu is rather mixed. I’m not sure how you would describe it. S got the Indian Masala Dosa. It is a cumin and fennel crepe stuffed with curried potatoes, cauliflower, onions, tomato, peas, topped with onion fritters and it is served with dal and cucumber yogurt. I’ve never had dosa before but now I know I like it! It was even vegetarian and is still fantastic. All the bits and pieces are super flavorful, so when you put it together, yeah, it’s a party in your mouth. It’s a popular item on the menu and definitely worth a try.
I wanted something light and noodley so I got the Spicy Indonesian Peanut Noodle. It included rice noodles, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, and peanut curry, and I got mine with tofu. This was ok. It wasn’t really very spicy or very peanuty. It was just very mild and safe. But it certainly got the job done. If you’re in Boulder, be sure to stop by to eat, have tea, or just admire the craftsmanship.

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Golosa Chocolate Bar & Dessert Lounge

After being closed for the summer, Golosa finally opened again and I finally got to try it! Man, I don’t even have the words. First off, if you don’t know this place is here, you’re totally going to miss it. If you walk past it and blink, you will have missed it. It’s pocket-sized, yet adorable. And it’s got a very european feel to it, but yet comfortable. And it’s owned and run by a genuine italian named Fabio. I don’t know folks, it doesn’t get better than that!
There are a number of dessert options in the case, like cakes, tarts, pastries, etc. There’s also a case with a bunch of chocolates. Lots and lots of chocolates.
The menu also includes a number of coffee, tea, cold chocolate, and hot chocolate drinks. There’s certainly something here for everyone. If it hadn’t been so late at night I would have tried one of the coffee drinks, or at least one of the chocolate drinks. But I had to pass. E got one of the flowering teas. It’s all so adorable and pretty! The presentation is so super cute.
E got the basil gelato. Yep, you heard that right, basil. And it’s capogiro as well. And man, it was love! It definitely tastes like basil, but it’s sweet and creamy and dreamy with a hint of balsamic. It’s just unexpectedly delicious. We were just so happy that she ended up picking it.
I’m much more of a sorbetto person instead of a gelato person, so I got the watermelon gelato. It might have said sorbetto on the menu, but I believe it was gelato because it definitely had a creamy taste to it. It was great and watermelon-y! It had a nice strong watermelon flavor with a hint of cream.

But really, we were both here for the red velvet cake. E told me about how amazing it was and I had to have it! And man, is she ever spot-on with this. This is, bar none, the best red velvet cake that I’ve ever had. It is not a spongey or light cake. It is extremely dense, and we decided that it almost has the consistency of brownies. The texture is much more like a brownie rather than a cake. And damn, it’s got heft! The cream cheese icing is yummy as well, and there’s not too much of it. Gosh, I can’t stop thinking about this cake. While we were there, someone even came in and got a slice to go. This is really the dessert of choice here!

This place has such a good vibe to it. It’s warm and welcoming and there are even couches. You can host groups and special events here as well. It isn’t as centrally located as most people would like it to be, but it’s definitely worth trekking to. It is BYOB, cash only, and has free wi-fi. Go to Golosa!
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