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Not So Good Thai

When I travel, whether it’s for business or pleasure, you know my ass is going to plan eating at certain places. I always do some amount of food research! When in North Carolina you have to eat bbq. So I decided to go to Little Richard’s. Lo and behold, they’re closed on Sundays. Not just closed early, but closed all day long. I guess this is what I get when I cross the mason dixon on a Sunday. Suffice it to say, my growling belly was severely disappointed. So then in a starvation panic, I decided to just go to mcdonald’s. As I turned into the driveway, I saw a little strip mall behind it and spotted a thai restaurant. So I just went there and ordered some food.

Well, I should have gotten mcdonald’s. HA! Yeah, it wasn’t very good. I haven’t eaten too much thai food in my life, but I’ve eaten enough to know what’s good and what isn’t. And this just was not good at all. The tofu would have probably been ok, were they not cold by the time I ate them. That’s not the restaurant’s fault at all. But the noodles… well, these had so much potential, but they really failed.

It was the Pad Kee Maw – stir-fried fresh large rice noodles with mixed vegetables, eggs, and fresh basil leaves. I ordered it with the seafood combo. So this seafood was clearly from a frozen mix. The squid was teeny tiny, the crab was imitation crab sticks, the shrimps were scrawny and there were 3, and the scallops were flavorless. It was supposed to be a tamarind sauce but it just wasn’t good. I just didn’t care for it at all. And you’d think that since I was so damn hungry, that I would enjoy it anyway. Even when starving, I did not like it much. I ate some, but really, I was just disheartened. So much for hoping impromptu meal decisions would lead to good things. I was still hungry so I ended up eating some microwave popcorn that was in my hotel room. That was pretty good at least!

Sorry Cha Da Thai, but you’re not going to get any love from me!

Mie N Yu

Another day, another neighborhood. So on sunday, we went to georgetown. I’ve been in DC a few times, but never to georgetown. There’s a main strip there, full of shops and restaurants, so we roamed around a bit and then finally stopped for brunch at Mie N Yu, a place that dubs itself as a place of “Silk Road Celebration”. Which means they combine american cuisine with flavors from Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. So it’s all kinds of fusion basically.
The decor is also a hodge podge, but cool. They have tons of indian / hindu type art and religious figures.

Also middle eastern type decor as well, lots of curtains and drapes and rich jewel colors. The place is very moody and romantic. There’s a variety of seating options including booths, big tables with cushions, a nook up the stairs, etc.

The menu is a hodge podge as well. To me, it was heavy on the indian and thai side. Or may be that’s just becauase it was a lunch menu. Not sure. But we were both starving so we got a couple of lassis, hoping they would come out super fast. They did not. But once they did, they were amazing. The pomegranate lassi was so freakin good. And so was the mango lassi. I’ve had mango lassi tons of times, but this was the first one where mint was mixed in with it. Normally, I do not like mint in my food. But for whatever reason, it totally worked in this one. These lassis were dreamy. I wish I had another one right now.

J got the banana walnut pancakes. These were huge, and full of big hunks of banana and walnuts. Absolutely great. And you even got some potatoes and a little fruit skewer. And it was pretty cheap. Seriously. We were expecting DC prices and DC portions, but it was tons of food for a really good price. I’m talking less than $10.

For me, I stayed away from traditional brunch fare and went with their steak & egg fried rice. This was a giant heaping of fried rice, which had beef and egg in it, along with some thai basil. And then there was an additional helping of steak. The menu said there was bean sprouts in it, but it did not have it. And I love me some bean sprouts. But that’s ok, because this thing was beyond tasty. We both loved it.

Service was ok. There only seemed to be one waiter, and he was very harried, so it was hard to get his attention. While tons of other runners brought the food out, it was only delivered by the waiter, so he ended up being a huge bottleneck. Also, your food does not come out quickly, so don’t be in a hurry. But it was worth the wait. So just take in the ambiance while you wait, because you’ll eventually get some great food.

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Thai Lunch – Chiangmai

I just had a birthday, and they took me out for a birthday lunch to beautiful downtown Conshohocken. Our destination was Chiangmai. This is very prototypical of other small thai places. They have a great lunch special, and most of us partook. Instead of the regular lemongrass soup (tom yum), I mixed it up this time, and went with something called jasmine soup. It wasn’t too exciting, but quite palatable. A light chicken broth with some lightly cooked veggies and mushrooms. Very plain.

A few peeps got the thai dumplings as an appetizer. These are deep fried and filled with pork and veggies. It comes with a sweet soy and sesame sauce. These are damn good and meaty. I got the tulip dumplings. It’s basically like shumai, and they are steamed. These were alright. They came with the same sauce as the thai dumplings. I like the thai dumplings better.

D ordered the red curry with beef. He liked it, but said it wasn’t spicy enough. It had two stars of spicy. K ordered sweet and sour chicken. He’d never had thai food before, so this was a completely new experience for him. But he didn’t want to be too experimental, so he went with sweet and sour chicken, always a very safe choice. Overall, he enjoyed his thai food experience. Good for him. He’s expanding his food horizons.

R ordered the thai eggplant with chicken. She loves this dish. And now I know why. Bit hunks of asian eggplant in a brown sauce with slices of chicken breast. Delicious. I went with my old standby, drunken noodles. I always get this, and here, it’s extra good. Nice pieces of chicken breast, fresh and big pieces of noodles, spicy, but not too spicy. You know I love this dish.

Service at Chiangmai is fairly good. It gets very crowded and busy during lunch rush, but the waitresses are very nice and the food comes out quite quickly. The water doesn’t get filled very often, but I won’t hold that against them. It’s also a BYOB. R also got me balloons and brownies for the bday. It was a fun and gluttonous day. Yes, that is a foot on my desk.

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