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Margaret Kuo’s – The Akari Room

For mother’s day this year, we somehow ended up at Margaret Kuo’s Akari Room in Wayne. My aunt picked it. But then she didn’t end up going. But we had to go anyway. That’s ok, the old lady would have picked sushi anyway. This is on the second floor of the chinese part of Margaret Kuo’s. It’s swanky. There’s a large sushi bar and plenty of tables and traditional style booths.
The miso soup – quite respectable. Mom didn’t complain about it being too salty or anything. It was just right.
Since I always like to try the agedashi tofu, I tried it here too. And it was good! It was nice and hot and the sauce was spot on.
Mom’s sushi dinner, which is usually her go-to at any sushi joint. Everything was good and fresh.
As for me, I went with a grilled chilean sea bass in an orange miso sauce. This was a great big honkin piece of fish! And it tasted great too. The sauce was just a tiny bit on the orangey side, just enough. The veggies were great too. All in all, this was good food with good service and a fancy atmosphere.

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Saffron – Pronouncing Indian Dishes

H/A and I headed over to nearby¬†Saffron to stuff our faces. On a weeknight they were still doing brisk business. It’s nice to see this place busy. They had some monthly specials, as usual. When H/A ordered, the server complimented him on his pronunciation of the indian dishes.
we got one of the appetizer specials, the chicken and shrimp chaat. It’s a cold dish comprised of cubes of chicken tikka and shrimp tossed with cucumbers, tomatoes, chaat masala, and a touch of sour cream. It was ok but this didn’t excite me much. I think it would have been better just as a veggie salad as the chicken and the shrimp didn’t really kick this up any notches.
Here is the boti kabab masala. This is lean cubes of lamb marinated for 24 hours in yogurt and spices, baked on a skewer in a tandoor, and then finished in a tangy spicy sauce. The lamb was unbelievably tender and the flavor of this was pretty good. And there’s no veggies, it’s just straight up tender hunks of lamb and sauce, perfect for dipping your naan into! In this case, I got the spinach and cheese naan again. I had liked it the last time and I think it’s a nice alternative to plain naan or garlic naan. It has fresh spinach and homemade cheese. Eat it while it’s hot, people!
But you know what, hands down, with no doubt in my mind, the best dish at Saffron is the kadai paneer makhani. It’s got homemade cheese cubes cooked with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and freshly ground spices. There’s just something about this sauce that is unlike any other indian dish. It’s just the best! I would put this sauce on anything if I could buy it or figure out how to make it. It’s not like the sauce that came with the lamb, it’s not masala, it’s not korma, it’s not butter, it’s just the best indian sauce ever. Service is just fine here. They brought out the wrong bread at first but then fixed that right away. And they’re pretty good about filling up your waters. I will come back here for the kadai paneer makhani forever!¬†
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Sky Cafe – My Favorite Indonesian

I absolutely love Sky Cafe, but I hadn’t been there since last summer. And how did I know it had been so long? Because Betty remembered! Yeah, she knew me the second time I came in, and she still knew me, months later! Yet another reason to love this place, aside from the tasty food. And what more can I say about these fried dumplings. They’re the best, just the best. I could just eat these all day long. They’re hot, meaty, magical.
In addition to the dumplings, which are a must, the other standout item on their menu is always the tofu salad. It’s hard to describe this sauce, other than the fact that I would put it on everything if I could. The salad is just pretty much iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, fried tofu, peanuts, and then the SAUCE. It’s slightly spicy, sweet, peanut-ish, and you just want to drink it up. I don’t know how they fry these tofu cubes to be so delicious, but they just do it right. Anything would taste amazing with this sauce, but these tofu bits just go beyond. Even when my mouth burns from the spice I can’t stop eating it. It’s a must for you vegetarian folks!
This is the mie komplit. Sounds kinda french, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. It’s a bunch of noodles with pickled eggs, more fried dumplings(!), veggies, pork, and fried shallots along with a bowl of chicken broth soup. The broth was pretty meh. The noodles were much better and more exciting.
I forget the name of this one but it’s a wide flat rice noodle and seafood dish with gravy. Yum. I love wide flat rice noodles, seafood, and gravy, so how could I go wrong with this? And even though it was seafood, there was some sausage in there too, surprise! This is definitely my favorite indonesian restaurant in philly, and one of my favorite restaurants in general. It’s like an adorable hidden gem, only I wish it weren’t so hidden so that everybody could go here! And you know it’s super cheap… like crazy cheap. I promise to be back more this summer!

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