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Another Trip To Gaya

We went to Gaya to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. Man, are we boring, or what? We always go here! They got fancy new menus. Unless they’ve always been like this. But I swear these are fairly new.
As you know, they really do have an excellent variety and high quality banchan.
And they had my favorite spicy and sweet marinated raw blue crab banchan that day. Best. Banchan. Ever.
For any of you who complain about the fact that you have to cook korean bbq yourself, go here! You can cook it yourself if you want, but they are more than willing to help you out and do pretty much all the cooking for you. So you can kick back and just watch them do it. It’s totally good meat too.
I’ve eaten here several times and everything has been good. It truly is one of the better korean restaurants in the Philadelphia area. But, I have discovered that it is definitely not without its flaws. Take this yukgaejang here. This thing wasn’t that good. It was pretty darn bland and the meat was super blah. This is so not the dish to get here. So now you know!
Some tofu stew. This is good. I would venture a guess that most of their stews are good.
But the thing that was absolutely beyond amazing was the grilled spanish mackerel. And of course my picture is going to be crap and blurry. Oops. But it is amazing. It’s a beyond huge piece of fish and it’s perfectly grilled and it’s slightly crunchy on the outside and just freakin delicious. Damn I can’t stop thinking about it. It was a particularly slow night there so service was extra attentive. You need to get this fish dish!

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Korean Thanksgiving

We didn’t have turkey and stuffing and all that jazz this year. We decided to have a korean thanksgiving, which just means that on thanksgiving day, we ate korean food. Like these chicken wings. But oh, wait, these aren’t particularly korean. Heck, who’s keeping score?
But these spicy pork baby back ribs are definitely korean!
And so is this kalbi stew. There’s nothing non-korean about this.

It wasn’t just a meat fest though, we even had some fish.
Don’t worry, we didn’t only just eat the flesh of beasts. My aunt also made some japchae. She claimed that it was the best japchae ever. And well, she was kind of right. It was pretty damn good. Oh, but there was meat in this, but only a little.
More flesh! It’s fish again, but it’s dried and flattened and cut into strips and marinated with spices.
Last of the flesh, I swear! There’s some fish cake type stuff on the right, and the ones on the left are zucchini. Finally, we get some darn vegetables in this meal! Man, I ate a lot of the fish ones. I don’t remember eating any of the zucchini ones. Oops.
Some more veggies. There’s absolutely no animal product in this, I promise. And I didn’t eat any of this either, I promise.
And well, you really can’t call a meal korean if there isn’t kimchi involved. So of course, we had plenty. I ate some of this, and it definitely has vegetables in it. So finally, proof that I ate vegetables on thanksgiving!

Cochon – New Orleans

Up until this point, my dining experiences in New Orleans hadn’t been all that exciting. We ended up at fairly touristy places with good but not particularly great food. But then it all changed when we went to Cochon. We tried to go here on a Sunday night, but note to visitors, there are many restaurants that are closed on Sundays, including Cochon. It’s not anywhere near Bourbon street, which is a nice plus.The place is pretty big on the inside with a good sized bar. The kitchen is fairly open. I really dug the brick walls and all the pig art. This is a small plate kind of place, but they do have some entrees. And yes, there’s a lot of pig on the menu.
Some complimentary rolls served in a cute little bucket. These are super buttery and I’m sure, terrible for you.
Here we have the fried alligator with chili garlic aioli. Sure, it tastes like chicken, but like delicious and juicy chicken. These wood-fired roasted oysters were some of the best oysters I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever had roasted oysters before. We ended up ordering more because we just had to!This was the deviled crab dip with butter crackers. This was good, but nothing great.Here are the fried boudin with pickled peppers. I’m not sure what these were supposed to taste like so I have no idea if these are good or not.The baked mac and cheese. Ok, this may be the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. I couldn’t get enough.The spicy grilled pork ribs with watermelon pickle. These ribs were indeed spicy, and also sweet and tasty.  Here we have the very attractive braised country style rib with brown rice, pickled mushrooms, and beets. I liked everything about this, except for the pork. It was too porky. Do you know what I mean? But everything else was great.Here’s one of the entrees – the smoked beef brisket with horseradish potato salad.On to the desserts! The peanut butter cream pie with a big hunk taken out of it. Oh yeah, this was as good as you can imagine.The adorable Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with coconut-lime sorbet and dulce de leche. Yum.Finally, the Caramelized Apple Brioche with rum raisin ice cream. Also yum. We had a pretty big party and they were able to accommodate us with a long table in the front. The multitude of servers all kept our tummies full and our thirsts quenched. I would go back for the gator, oysters, and mac and cheese again and again. This is a must-stop!
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