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Rudy’s BBQ Meat Coma – Colorado Springs

After we bonded with nature, we were starving. We hadn’t really eaten all day. So we drove around looking for some eats, and I spotted the Rudy’s sign! We had to go there! I hadn’t been to one since the last time I was in austin, and I’d been itching for some good bbq. It’s hard to find real texas style bbq around home. Even though it was totally the middle of the day, between normal meal times, there was still a long wait! This just always seems to be the way at Rudy’s! You can check out some of their bbq sauces. There’s regular and sissy. And you can take some home with you, if you like.
You queue for awhile, and you can grab yourself an iced cold jarritos or an iced cold beer. There’s also some fridges with cold sides, like cole slaw or potato salad.
When you do get to order, you order your meat by the pound. You can also order sandwiches too. There’s ribs, chicken, pulled pork, etc, but here at Rudy’s, it’s all about the brisket for me. Here is the moist. Moist means fat and the more fat, the more juice, the more taste. But don’t get me wrong, the lean was great too. But the moist is better! All the meat here is dry rubbed and then slow cooked and slow smoked in oak wood fired pits. When you get your meat, you get some pickles and they also give you as many slices of plain sliced white bread as you like. You can eat your meat however you darn well please. We also tried some sides. The cole slaw and the beans were both just ok. Neither of them did much for me. But that’s ok, because it was all about the meat! But we overdid it a bit. We couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day and we were pretty much turned off of meat for many days after that. Yes, meat coma struck hard! But it was totally worth it.

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Saturday In Delaware

My uncle’s brother was in town, so we had a little bbq in Delaware. It’s usually my uncle’s job man the grill, but for whatever reason, my mom was womanning the grill this time.
Before we started cooking outside, earlier in the day, we had a little snack. It was fairly simple really, just some raw fish. I can’t really call it anything else, because that’s all it was, a plate of raw fish. There was some spicy kochujang to dip it in, some sliced raw garlic, and some red leaf lettuce or perilla leaves to roll it in. But any way you looked at it, it was just sliced raw fish on a plate. Delicious raw fish, at that.
Once we started our proper dinner, we kicked things off with a noodle dish. This isn’t the first time my aunt has made this. But what’s not to like? We have soba noodles as the main starch, and cucumbers, watercress, and shredded perilla leaves for veggies. Then we have squid, shrimp, and imitation crab meat for seafood.
Everything is mixed together with a spicy kochujang sauce, not unlike the dip that we were using for the raw fish earlier. That’s all there is to it! I hate perilla leave, with a passion, so I make sure to get a batch without it. It’s that gross to me. But without the perilla leaves, I just love this stuff. And for a hot summer day, cold noodles with veggies and seafood are perfect.
Here’s the galbi that my mom, the griller of the day, cooked up. I prefer pieces that are nearly, if not actually, burnt. I’m odd that way.
My mom also marinated up some dried file fish and grilled those up.
Here they are after they’ve been cooked. They were a bit too salty for my liking.
She also marinated some large pieces of squid. My mom always scores the flesh with crosshatches on one side, so they can curl. I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but it’s fun watching them curl up. It was another lovely, lazy, and food-filled day!

Post Mud Run BBQ

A few sundays back, on a particularly hot, steamy, clammy day, a few friends and I participated in the Merrell Down and Dirty National Mud Run. We did a 5K, in the blistering heat, and yes, there was a mud pit involved. After hosing the pounds of mud from our bodies, M and E had a bunch of people over for a bbq at their lovely home in Roxborough. I was beyond hungry after all that heated effort, so I did my best to chow down on a variety of appetizers. The veggies and hummus were great. The potato salad had bacon in it! The fruit salad had fresh cherries in it. The bean salad worked great on chips. But the star of the dip show was the mango salsa. It was delicious, but surprisingly spicy, considering the scotch bonnet pepper she’d put in there. We all loved it!

But it was a bbq, so we definitely had some grilled up meats. M took chicken and pork chops and brined them in a molasses brine. I’m going to be making this later, so I will share the recipe with you after I give it a try. The brine made the meat incredibly tender, slightly sweet, and just super moist with flavor. I could have just kept on eating! It was an exhausting day, yet still fun, and we rewarded ourselves with some excellent edible treats!

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