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Byways Brunch – PDX

For my one brunch in Portland, I met up with B and his wife in the Pearl at Byways Cafe. This is a very popular brunch spot, and they told me there’s usually long waits here. I hate long waits. Since I got there a bit early, I put our name in and wandered around the shops a bit. I was assured by the hostess that our name would not be taken off the list if we weren’t there at the time she called it. So once we were all there, we didn’t have a wait at all. It was glorious! On the weekends, they’re only open for brunch and you can only order from the breakfast menu. This wasn’t going to be a problem. It’s a pretty small place and it’s like a kitschy diner, but without the neon lights or waitresses in funny little uniforms. We got to sit in one of the booths and we promptly got to ordering.
B got a scramble special of the day with prosciutto, veggies, local cheese, potatoes, and all kinds of good stuff. Yes, it’s as much food as it looks!They’re a bit famous for their blue corn pancakes here, so I definitely had to get that. But they also had a ricotta pancake on special which also sounded damn good, so I had to get one too. I wanted to try several of the pancakes so I asked if I could pick three separate ones, and they said sure. So that’s how I ended up with a ricotta, blue corn, and blueberry pancake. They were served with an almond butter and genuine maple syrup. The almond butter is awesome! I also got some strips of super thick bacon and an egg of my choice because our server recommended the sunrise special. What a great deal! Three ginormous pancakes, bacon, and egg, with even a couple wedges of orange. Speaking of orange, I also had a little glass of some delicious fresh squeezed oj. The service was fine. The other plate of pancakes took a bit long coming out, well after B’s scramble and my plate of pancakes. But other than that, we had no complaints. I have to figure out how to make my own blue corn pancakes now!
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Seven Stone – Media

I really wanted to check out Burlap & Bean, but damn, they are closed on sundays. Since I had driven all the way over there, I decided to drive a bit further to Media and walk around. I usually only go to Media when I have jury duty, so it’s not too often, luckily. But Media is freakin adorable.
What can I say? Seven Stone is a little hippie cafe. They have coffees and some snacks, sandwiches, sweets, soups, etc. There’s an awful lot of reggae playing on their radio.
A bagel sandwich with ham, egg, and cheese. By the time we got there, their bagel options were slim. They pretty much ran out of everything. This was ok.
I had wanted a gingerbread latte but they ran out. So then I ordered a hazelnut and honey latte, but whatever I got had no hazelnut flavor nor honey flavor. In fact, I’m not even quite sure what I got. It was fine though. They’re flavored lattes are a bit pricey. As for the regular cup of coffee, it was really disgusting. It tasted like ashtray, really. You can’t win em all!

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Pumpkin Waffles

Do you know how to get delicious pumpkin waffles? Use this sweet potato waffle recipe, and swap the sweet potato for a can of pumpkin puree.
Then get a sucker with a waffle iron and infinite patience to make them for you. All you have to do is eat em!

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