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boozings – Hemingway At Distrito

Welcome back to another installment of boozings, where we try all of Philly’s Top 15 Drinks! Next up we go to Distrito, for their take on the Hemingway. This version is made with Hornitos tequila that is infused with chile, grapefruit juice, topped with a maraschino, and served in a very wide-mouthed margarita type glass.

Whoa, when they say chile infused, they mean it. I mean, you can definitely taste the smoky spice, and your mouth kind of feels like campfire with every sip. It’s a good drink though, but spicy, so totally bizarre. But I can definitely say I liked this drink. But the spice was probably exacerbated by the fact that right before this drink, I had a giant vat of pho bo kho, which is also a very spicy dish. So having that spicy soup followed by this spicy drink was probably not the best idear. There’s also a lot to drink here, so you’ll have many many campfirey sips. And yeah, it’s strong too, which seems to be the common thread running through all these Top 15 drinks.

Extra props to Distrito for having the most photo-favorable bar counter, ever. With the built-in uplighting and the resined in scorpions, they made it extra easy to capture cool pics. Also, their glassware for standard cocktails is also quite photogenic.

Ok, 6 down, 9 more to go!

boozings – Frozen Blood Orange Margarita At El Vez

Welcome back to another installment of boozings, where we try all of Philly’s Top 15 Drinks! Next up we go to El Vez, for their Frozen Blood Orange Margarita. This was the only drink on the list that I had actually had before. And I remember loving it the first time (thanks P!) so I was happy to try it again, even if this time, it was in the name of blogging! This drink is made with gold tequila, triple sec, fresh blood orange puree, ice (duh), and yes, it’s served in those corny margarita glasses, just like the ones you’d find at t.g.i. mcscratchy’s or something. Yes, it comes with a straw. But don’t let any of this dissuade you. This is not a girley “I’m at spring break and I want to get loaded at senor frog’s” type of frozen margarita. This drink is good, strong, and not just for ladies.

Although it’s a fruity drink, it’s not overly sweet and fruity. There’s a hint of the blood orange, but it’s quite booze tasting, but in a good way. Like I said, it’s quite strong, and there’s a lot of it. It’s blended well so that it’s completely smooth, there’s no icy lumps or anything. And you can even see some blood orange pulp. It’s well worth the price as you get quite the tequila bang for your buck. Although, this ended up being the most expensive drink I’ve ever had in my life, as I got a parking ticket (thanks PPA!).

Ok, 5 down, 10 more to go!

New Year’s Eve Five Course Dinner

2009 new year’s eve was a lovely affair with a five course meal generously provided by M and E.  I have trouble making one course meals, but M always goes all out providing course after course of fanciness. Starting off, we had various appetizers, such as these adorable salmon and cream cheeses with caper eyes. These were brought by a guest and were quite adorable and delicious. The older daughter put these eyes on.

There were also cocktails, cheese logs topped with sunflower seeds, and a red pepper dip w/crudites. I loved these pretzel chips.

Next up was a red lentil soup with firey black pepper oil. The soup was delicious! The black pepper totally gets you in the throat in the first spoonful or two, but then lets up nicely.

The entree was dark meat chicken wrapped around chicken mousse and some more white meat chicken, topped with a heavy cream sauce and fennel, and served with leeks, carrots, and green beans. Everything was excellent! Chicken mousse? Too fancy for words! The cream sauce is lick-the-plate worthy!

Next up a was a super heavy cheese plate (roquefort, brie, gouda) along with candied walnuts with a port wine reduction. I couldn’t get enough of these nuts! So damn good! We had a couple of french natives dining with us. The proper way to cut brie is to cut it vertically. To cut it horizontally is sacrilegious. So take heed! When cutting brie, cut it lengthwise!

Remember the flambeed bananas? E made them again for this party. Here’s what they look like before we lit them on fire.

There’s something about cooked bananas that I just love. It brings out the sweetness even more and after the cognac burns off with the flames, it just leaves a nice caramel taste. The ice cream is the perfect contrast. And the bacon… well, who doesn’t love bacon?

We also got to nibble on some homemade cookies that M made. Yes, she actually made these. From scratch. With her bare hands. Unbelievable! They tasted like thin mints on crack and looked professionally made! Thanks again!

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