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Sushi At Raw

Had an amazing dinner at Raw on Friday night. It’s not a place I would normally go to, because it’s sorta on the fancy pants side. Not super snooty or anything, but most people that go here are dressed up. Like glittery and shiny and such. And I’m not typically one to hang around glittery and shiny people. But when M invited me out, I couldn’t say no. And man, we had such a surprisingly good meal.
The place is sizeable, one long dining area, along with some outdoor dining. You would never know it from the outside how big the place is or how nice it is on the inside. It’s next to capogiro, but it’s almost like an alleyway because the street on that block is so small. The decor is nice and bold with asian accents, but not in a cheesy way. It’s quite tasteful! Very warm, with all the deep red paint and all.
Cocktails! And really strong ones to boot. Miso soup. Their version is very mis0-y! They definitely don’t skimp on the miso. So if you like that, then you’ll be happy. I like all kinds of miso soups, strong or weak, so I liked it regardless.

M’s friend R had told us to get a very specific roll, but it was not on the menu, and it was not one of the specials either. Disappointing. But that’s ok! We got one of the special rolls – the white tiger. Holy lord was this good! And hello, they give you seaweed salad with it! And I love me some seaweed salad.
Behold – white tuna in the middle, with some seared white tuna on top, and then topped off with some spicy white tuna. Gah, this was one of the greates things ever. And their rolls are nice and big! They’re pricey, yes, but you get a lot! My goodness, goodness was this delicious. The fish was amazingly fresh. Like crazy fresh!
And the freshness of the fish was just so obvious with the sashimi that we got. First off, this was a lot of fish, and really lovely thick cuts. You don’t get scrawny fish here! And everything was just so amazingly fresh, you could just tell with every bite. I haven’t had fish this fresh in such a long time… perhaps since I caught my own and ate it! And this was tons of food for two people. I said this place is expensive, and yes, it sure is, but the quality of the food and the freshness of the fish kind of make it totally worth it. And you’re hearing this from the queen of frugals. I would totally go back here. Yes, I said it. I would come back to this fancy place. It tends to get mixed review, so perhaps I had low expectations. But our meal was superb and I would recommend it highly to anyone.
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Sidecars And Eats

After the philly pho pheast, we hopped on over to Sidecar, again. And had sidecars, again. Do I sound like a broken record? Seriously, this is a good drink. And it’s only $6. And I don’t know what’s in it, but it’s all booze, so it will do quite a number on you. Or at least it does on me. I think it’s a bargain.
We stayed awhile and got peckish. So we ordered a couple of apps. The onion rings. Super good. Thick cut and nicely cooked, so that the onion melts in your mouth. I’m not a fan of onion rings where the onion is actually still crunchy. And it came with a good dipping sauce too. But I prefer to eat my rings plain.
The grilled corn. It’s corn on the cob absolutely drizzled in butter (amazingly buttery, beyond buttery) and drizzled with chili butter. It was such a strange combination of opposing tastes, but I loved it. The corn wasn’t super sweet, but sweet enough, and then it was absolutely drenched in butter, and the “chili butter”on top was quite spicy, but added a really nice unexpected flavor. I’m not sure if this was really chili butter. It just seemed like a combo of sriracha, maybe some louisiana type hot sauce, and melted butter. And most of it, I rubbed off, but what little hint of spice I left, was just enough. I would totally order this corn again. It’s good for soakin’ up all the sidecars I keep drinkin!

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Sidecars At The Sidecar

After not meeting up with some people at Ten Stone, we kept walking to the Sidecar. And we ended up getting a couple of Sidecars. These ones came in chilled, sugar-rimmed martini glasses. And they were gooooooood. There’s something about the service here though… it’s hit or miss… and mostly miss. But at least their food and drinks are good, so I tend to forgive.

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