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Gourmet Pot Luck

Potlucks do not have to be about beanie weanies and salsa dip. They can be gourmet as well! M and E hosted a high class gourmet pot luck, and somehow, I was invited. Some lovely champange cocktails. Way to start this thing off!
This beet dip is just about the most beautiful color in the world. And it tasted just as beautiful. Who said dip couldn’t be healthy? Especially when it’s served with cucumbers.
M’s mom and P made these ganderi kebabs made with ground chicken, herbs and spices. It was served with a mango chutney and these chicken balls were a hit!
We talked about how beautiful the beet dip was but look how beautiful this cold squash soup is! It looked great and tasted just as great. It wasn’t just the food that looked attractive. M outdid herself with the tableware and decorations.
Onto the real gourmet stuff! Coq au vin! Made with a pressure cooker and all! It was super moist and tender.
Rabbits are adorable but they’re also incredibly tasty. This was a rabbit stew with prunes. This was definitely my favorite meat dish of the night.
Some gorgeously stuffed chicken.
Don’t worry, it wasn’t all just meat. There was also this pesto pasta that D brought. She made the pasta by hand!
There was even this brussel sprout salad. And it was amazing. It was vegetarian for the most part, except for the large hunks of ham.
To keep it gourmet as well as local, M made some eggless eggnog using Snap liquor. Dangerously delicious snapnog!
Tiramisu from wegmans!
Me and gourmet cooking don’t go well together, so I took the easy way out and brought a mocha cake from the korean bakery. Everybody loved this because well, it’s freakin delicious. Thanks to M and E for hosting another fantastic dinner!

Oceana Grill – New Orleans

After a rough day with another rough day coming up, we just wanted to grab some quick and casual eats. Oceana is a very laid-back and casual seafood joint right off of Bourbon St. We got a table in the courtyard, which was a nice touch.
Yeah, we may have drank a lot. But then again, what else do people do in New Orleans, if not drinking and eating? I forget what the drink was on the right, but it was rather gross.
A pile of random fried stuff, including hush puppies, catfish, fries, and who knows what else.
These are S’s crabcakes. She said they were good, but good golly miss molly, they look gross. I don’t really care that much about presentation, but this just looks terrible.
I got the Cajun Jambalaya Pasta. Well, this looks like disgusting slop too, but it tasted just fine. It comes with shrimp and alligator sausage, onions, bell peppers, a Creole sauce, all simmered in fresh fettuccini noodles. I like slop like this. And I was just excited that it wasn’t fried.

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Palace Cafe – New Orleans

This Dickie Brennan person has a gazillion restaurants in New Orleans. Palace Cafe is just one of them on Canal St. It’s a pretty big and impressive place, totally Parisian feeling, with a spiral staircase and all. They bring out warm bread in a paper bag, and it’s really good. I had some cocktail with strawberries and basil and that was quite refreshing. The basil seems like a strange idea, but trust me, it’s good stuff.
I wanted to get my fill of gumbo while I was here, so I started with the chicken and sausage gumbo with rotisserie chicken and locally made andouille sausage. Super good.
We had a vegetarian with us so they made him up a pasta primavera with these gorgeous looking grilled veggies.
The server told us that the rib-eye and shrimp was the most popular dish on the menu. So you know N had to get it. Man, this thing was impressive. And the shrimp were absolutely ginormous. He forced me to try one and damn, they were tasty.
I got the shrimp tchefuncte. I don’t have any idea how to pronounce this dish but it sure was good. It is a creole meuniére sauce, whatever that is, and includes tons of tons of roasted mushrooms. Ok, so I didn’t eat the mushrooms because I didn’t care for them, but the shrimp and the sauce were awesome. And this “popcorn rice” was crazy buttery.
I also found out that R is crazy about desserts. So he got the dark chocolate and walnut brownie covered with chocolate ganache and served with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. Hot diggity damn. I’m not even a brownie person, but this thing was sick. It is beyond good.
He also forced us to get the white chocolate bread pudding, so it didn’t look like he was the only dessert hog around here. This is their specialty dessert, and it’s a white chocolate cake baked inside bread pudding, smothered with a warm white chocolate ganache. When you think of bread pudding you don’t picture something coming out that looks like a piece of cake but seriously, this thing was good. For those of you into vanilla more than chocolate, this is the dessert for you.
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