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Nada – Cincinnati

Walking around downtown Cincinnati, Nada definitely catches your eye. It’s pretty cool and colorful and is situated on an impressive corner. It’s much more inviting than the chain restaurants that seem to be pretty much everywhere else in downtown. It’s a modern mexican restaurant. It’s pretty big with two floors of dining and some outdoor dining as well.
I had a blood orange margarita which was delicious and strong. It kicked my ass pretty hard. But I liked it.
I got the chicken tortilla soup which was great. It was super thick, thicker than I’ve usually experienced, and super flavorful. The fresh avocado was a great touch.
I also ordered the mexican mac & cheese. It’s made with fresh mexican cheese, roasted poblano, and topped with some slightly spicy crunchy stuff. This was pretty good, but extremely rich and luxurious. It’s certainly not healthy, which is probably why I liked it so much. It’s another good dining option in downtown Cincinnati. So if you find yourself there, stop in.

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Jax Happy Hour – Boulder

After exploring every nook and cranny of Pearl St all day, and I mean all day, we decided to catch the Jax happy hour. The happy hour drink! Some type of strawberry lemonade type of thing, with a nice bit of alcohol in it. I drank two! I know, can you believe it?
The complimentary bread, which is all kinds of delicious.
Peel-n-Eat shrimp. This is the happy hour portion, yet there’s plenty, and it only costs $3. They were perfect. Our hands stank for days, but we didn’t care.
Smoked salmon sliders. I don’t even like smoked salmon but these little babies were great!
And the $1 oysters! Oysters in the middle of Colorado, you say? They’re from the east coast, and they’re fresh and perfect on a hot sunny Colorado day. This place was hopping and we were lucky enough to score actual seats at the oyster bar. The bartenders are helpful and very friendly. A highly recommended happy hour!
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Oyster House Happy Hour

In addition to the late night happy hours on weekends, the Oyster House actually has regular daily happy hours as well. It’s still buck-a-shuck and there are drink specials as well. Draft beers are $3. Damn I love me some raw oysters. I’m just a cocktail sauce girl myself. I skip the horseradish and the hot sauce. I got myself a martini au poire, which was not a special. It’s made with pear vodka, st. germain, lillet blanc, and an orange peel. And damn, I loved it. It’s strong, but it doesn’t taste overtly strong. But it certainly is strong, yet very drinkable, perhaps too easily drinkable. Be careful!
I also tried one of the drink specials which was a sparkling white wine. It was a Coppola Sofia (yes, that Sofia Coppola) and it came in this adorable little can! And it had a expandable straw attached to it! The oysters come out super fast and the service in general is very good here. The servers and bartenders are attentive, friendly, and quick. I think this is one of the best happy hours around.
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