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Mediterranean In The Park

It was a really nice day, so we decided to grab a quick dinner and go eat it in the park. We stopped at Truly Mediterranean, a teeny little takeout spot on 16th.
They serve middle eastern fare, kabobs, falafel, shawermas and such.
There’s the big spit with all the layers of the lamb meat for doners and shawermas and such. That’s my sandwich parts being grilled.
J’s athens burger in a pocket – seasoned ground sirloin with pita and tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, seasoned onions, salad, and tahini sauce. This same tahini sauce he proceeded to spill all over his formerly nice linen pants.
My kefta kabob in lovash – seasoned ground lamb and sirloin rolled in lovash with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, onions, salad, and tahini sauce. No tahini sauce spilling by me. And a delicious lime jarritos which I picked up at a mexican place around the corner. It was lovely outdoor dining, until it got too cold to be enjoyable. Which happened a lot during this trip.
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Persian Grill

The other sunday night, we planned on dining at From the Boot in Lafayette Hill. On a random sunday night I tell you. And when we got there, the place was mobbed, and there was a 45 minute wait. For From the Boot! Well, we weren’t having any of it, so we walked down the street to the Persian Grill instead. From the outside, it doesn’t look that inviting. It’s next to a mechanic’s garage, or something not attractive, and maybe a street. But don’t let that keep you away. Just give it a shot and go on in. The place is quite adorable on the inside, adorned with persian type things. It’s like you’re transformed. They have nice light fixtures. It’s very warm. Not snooty at all. Not uninviting like the outside.We got some hummus. It was ok. Nothing special. The pita they give you is kind of dry and thin. I prefer the thicker kind, and it’s really nice when they warm it up for you!
So this place mostly serves meat. Really, don’t come here if you expect not to be eating some kind of meat on a stick. You won’t go wrong eating meat on a stick here. I believe this is a lamb kabob of some kind. Hunks of lamb, marinated, and grilled on a spit. Served with a giant heap of rice. That grilled tomato? Loved it.

More meats on sticks! Chicken this time. Sense a theme? There might actually be a vegetable in there somewhere. Shocking.

Ok, ok, so this isn’t meat on a stick. It’s a whole little chicken, with an orangey sauce. But I’m sure you could get this same thing on a stick if you asked for it!

More meats on sticks! One chicken and one lamb, I’m guessing.
I got two meats on sticks, but mine was ground meat. One of these sticks was ground lamb and the other was ground veal. I couldn’t really tell which one was which, but I could definitely tell they were both tasty.
None of us could order dessert after stuffing our faces with so much darn meat, but they brought us out some of this stuff to snack on. I don’t know what it’s called, and it’s darn hard to describe. It’s like gingery fibers. It melts in your mouth and it is sweet and spicy. I dig this stuff. Now if I only knew what it was called. Service was great. The place wasn’t too busy, but not empty either. Our waitress was friendly and attentive and she was happy to explain dishes and let me substitute things. And she put up with our shenanigans. This place was a nice surprise. Bah humbug to waiting nearly an hour for italian food. I’m much more of a fan of not waiting and eating kebabs!

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Memorial Day Lunch

After failing miserably at trying to eat brunch at Morning Glory, we kept our feet moving and ended up on South Street. We went to S&H Kebab House and man, it was awesome. It was another nice day, so we dined outside. They have a great lunch special. When you buy a kebab dish, you also get an app or a salad. So we tried it all – hummus, babagannush, and tabuli. All three were excellent. And you get a heap of warm sliced pita! Yey for warm sliced pita. I love me some eggplant. I need to learn how to make my own babagannush. J got the shish kebab which is grilled lamb chunks. All of theses lunch platters are served with two different types of rice pilaf (one regular and one spicy), and two helpings of a refreshing cabbage and carrot slaw/salad type thing, plus grilled tomato and a grilled green pepper. Seriously, everything on this plate is awesome. J got the doner kebab, which is the thinly sliced lamb. Also amazingly delicious. I kept stealing bits and making little sandwiches with it using the pita. I got the adana kebab, which is chopped lamb with a bunch of seasonings, which happens to be a bit on the spicy side. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. The service was odd. Our actual server was completely bonkers. He was older and seemed to be in outer space. Like completely out of it. And we also had the owner (or someone who certainly seemed to be the owner) also wait on us a lot. And he was attentive. Perhaps too attentive. A bit too much. So it was a strange combo. It would have been lovely to have had a happy medium. Another fine meal, and a nice and inexpensive one at that. Thanks to J for the suggestion!
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