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Shanghai Mama’s – Cincinnati

For my last night in Cincinnati, I was craving pho. I felt like crap, it was super cold, and I just wanted a hot bowl of noodles in some soup. But apparently, there are no vietnamese spots in Cincinnati. At least not near me at least. So I went for a quick walk to Shanghai Mama’s. This place is really cool looking, in a strange sort of way. It’s dark with lots of red, and I keep thinking opium den. Ha. They’re open late on the weekends so I’m sure there are lots of characters there at 2 in the morning.
I asked the bartender what he recommended and when I told him I wanted a noodle soup, he recommended the rib noodle soup. The ribs were just fine, and so was the soup, but these noodles were amazing! From the texture of these, I could totally tell these were fresh and handmade. I asked the bartender if they were handmade and he confirmed that they were. I told him to tell whoever made the noodles that I was a big fan. I didn’t realize until just now that the menu said “featuring homemade noodles”. Now it all makes sense! This is quality stuff. If you’re a noodle whore like I am, then stop here!

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Nada – Cincinnati

Walking around downtown Cincinnati, Nada definitely catches your eye. It’s pretty cool and colorful and is situated on an impressive corner. It’s much more inviting than the chain restaurants that seem to be pretty much everywhere else in downtown. It’s a modern mexican restaurant. It’s pretty big with two floors of dining and some outdoor dining as well.
I had a blood orange margarita which was delicious and strong. It kicked my ass pretty hard. But I liked it.
I got the chicken tortilla soup which was great. It was super thick, thicker than I’ve usually experienced, and super flavorful. The fresh avocado was a great touch.
I also ordered the mexican mac & cheese. It’s made with fresh mexican cheese, roasted poblano, and topped with some slightly spicy crunchy stuff. This was pretty good, but extremely rich and luxurious. It’s certainly not healthy, which is probably why I liked it so much. It’s another good dining option in downtown Cincinnati. So if you find yourself there, stop in.

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The Bistro – Cincinnati

After being home for practically a second, I was on a plane again. This time I headed to cincinnati. No, it wasn’t by choice. I was staying downtown so the dining selections were a bit limited. But I did find some great eats. The Bistro is a french joint where I had a lovely dinner on a Sunday night. Downtown is pretty dead at night. And on a weekend, it’s particularly dead. This place is pretty adorable, but there weren’t too many people dining. The weather was definitely turning into fall, so I had a southern tier pumpking beer, which was just right.
I started with the french onion soup because the bartender told me it was a must eat. And well, when in a french restaurant, you might as well do it. I personally love french onion soup, so I was a big fan of this. But I suppose if you’re not into it, then you won’t like it! Onions, bread, and cheese. What’s not to like? And it was super duper hot, ripe for burning the roof of your mouth.
And I also got the Neltner Farm heirloom tomato salad with house pulled mozzarella and opal basil vinaigrette. It was perfect. The mozzarella is amazingly mild and melt-in-your-mouth. I only got appetizers but if I could have eaten more, I would have loved to have tried the main entrees. Cincinnati, you’re lucky to have such a nice dining option in your otherwise quiet downtown.

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