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La Cueva – Torrey

For dinner in Torrey, we headed over to La Cueva. It’s a mexican joint attached to a gas station convenience store. Yes, many restaurants seem to be attached to gas stations here in southern utah.
Complimentary chips and salsa. The chips were excellent – warm, crunchy, not greasy. The salsa was ok, but way too watery.
S got the beef fajitas. While the rice and beans were fine, she was sorely disappointed with the actual meat and veggies. Instead of being fresh, she could tell that they came from a giant vat of pre-cooked meat and veggies. Even though it was placed on a “sizzling hot plate”, there was nothing really sizzling about it, because it had probably sizzled hours ago. If it had actually just been cooked, it probably would have been decent.
I got an enchilada and taco combo. I had a barbacoa taco and it was pretty freakin delicious. The enchilada was topped with all kinds of cheese and veggies and even avocado, and that was good too. So were the rice and beans. In other words, I ordered the right thing.
Service was ok, but nothing special. Everyone in there was probably a tourist merely passing through. But you can’t really complain about views like this…

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Spoons – Ft. Collins

We were still meat coma’d from our Rudy’s adventure, so both of us were only interested in non-meat items. We roamed the downtown area for awhile, and when we spotted Spoons, this soup and salad place, we decided to come back. It’s an adorable place that specializes in soups and salads! Simple enough! They have some sandwiches too.
They have some combo meals and that’s what we both ended up getting. S got the tomato basil soup and a special salad of the week, which had asiago cheese on it with a champagne vinaigrette.
I tried a few of the soups, including shrimp bisque and chicken and dumplings, but decided on the chicken tortilla. It was zesty and delicious. And my salad pick had apples and sliced almonds. You also get a giant hunk of freshly baked focaccia bread, which is quite good. This was a nice meat-free lunch option. The food is good and so are the prices and choices. And all the staff were very nice.

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Dark Late Night Eats At El Rey

After checking out some wackiness at carnivolution, I needed some vittles. We headed back towards center city and somehow ended up at El Rey. I’d never heard of it before and we went there because it was a few steps from where we ended up parking the car. It turns out that this is a Stephen Starr restaurant! Who knew? The place is dark… extremely dark. And it’s got lots of velvet paintings inside. The decor at the bar is very cool. But I just don’t get this place. I think perhaps it’s not quite sure what it is yet either.
We got some guacamole with chips as well as the salsa with chips. The salsa was like a pico de gallo and pretty good. The guacamole was good too, and the bowl is quite large. They charge you $10 for it, but they give you plenty of guac. The chips were thick, crispy and crunchy, and not at all greasy. I enjoyed them.
I think these are the skirt steak tacos. You get your filling in one bowl and you get a basket of tortillas. At $9, this seems like a pretty good value.
I’m not quite sure what these are, and I’m not sure R did either when she ordered them. This is the Sopes – masa shells, skirt steak, salsa, onion, and crema. I don’t know. It looks like a plate full of slop that they squeezed some cream onto. I usually don’t care much for presentation, but really, this was a mess. Is this why this place is so dark?
I think these are the chicken tostadas. They kind of look like open-faced raviolis, since the tortillas have cute scalloped edges. The presentation is kind of awful again, but you get three, which makes it quite the bargain.
Here are some of the enchiladas. Looks like a typical plate of enchiladas to me. H/A thought theses were ok.
I got the short rib torta which was just ok. Look how burnt the meat is! Seriously, it’s like blacker than black. I mean, at least cut that crap off before you serve it to me. This wasn’t exactly like a torta I’d had in mexico, but it was ok. If the meat hadn’t been charred, I may have even liked it as there’s plenty of good stuff in it, like beans and avocados.

You win some, you lose some, and damn Stephen Starr, this one is not a winner. I think it would probably be fine for just getting drunk and having some chips, but the food needs some work. We all ate our food because we were starving, but otherwise, we would all have been even more disappointed. One thing I will say, for a Stephen Starr spot, the prices are teeny tiny!
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