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Al Fresco Barbuzzo Late Night Dining

We somehow lucked out and snagged an outside table at Barbuzzo at the last minute. It was a perfect night for outdoor dining. Since it was the night before memorial day, it wasn’t all that crazy. I had actually eaten a big dinner already so I was just here to hang out and have a drink… and perhaps get some dessert.
My sanguinello! It was tasty, but not very strong. Usually, I feel it within a sip or two of any drink. With this, I did not feel it at all. Oh well, it was still enjoyable.
The chicken liver and foie gras mousse, with brandied cherry, pistachio salt, and radish sprouts. It’s served with some bread and a shredded beet salad. So good! M thought it was pretty darn good. Not as good as homemade stuff she’s had before from a french person, but still up there.
I recommended that M order the fideua, since I’d tried it before and loved it. Here it is with smoked chourico sausage, calamari, shrimp, mussels, greens, roasted shrimp noodles, and aioli. It’s still great. And it’s a lot bigger than I remember it being. It’s a pretty huge serving considering this is a small plates place.
So even if I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t going to be at Barbuzzo and not get the salted caramel budino. Yeah, it’s still fantastically awesome. M hadn’t had it before and she was so surprised at how good it was! She wasn’t even hungry at this point but she helped me devour it. You can’t help but devour this dessert!
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Barbuzzo – An Ode

Oh Barbuzzo, how’d you end up being so awesome? E and I fell in love with you so quickly, and now we can’t help but sing your culinary praises. You’re attractive, too, and so romantic with your dim lights and your candles. You had me at your adorable brick walls.
You call it pig popcorn but we call it delicious. They may be pork rinds but they’re all crunchy goodness, dusted with apple cider vinegar powder, and dipped in aioli.
And how did you know I loved beets so much? I especially love your yellow beets. And the tuscan kale with the pistachio pesto? Dreamy, just dreamy.
But then you just wouldn’t stop with your crazy good sheep’s milk ricotta. How can it be so thick and creamy? And how come the bread is so crusty and perfect? It’s so difficult not to like you.
Just when we thought we’d had enough, you had to bring us the fideua. You gave us sauage, calamari, shrimp, mussels, and noodles, and every bite was stupendous. We just couldn’t get enough. And it was so much that we got to take some home for later.
And then there was the spanish grilled octopus. How can you possibly make octopus be so melt-in-your-mouth? I didn’t think it was even possible.
But you sealed the deal with the salted caramel budino. What the hell is a budino? I don’t freakin know, but if it tastes like this, then please, shoot it directly into my veins. I can’t get enough of this. And I can’t get enough of you, Barbuzzo. I can’t wait to see you again.

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Yakitori Boy Feast

It’s always fun to go to Yakitori Boy because you get to try so much different stuff. Go with new people each time, and it’s like a whole new restaurant. But don’t get me wrong, I usually end up ordering all the same stuff. Like the tatsuta age at the top. This deep fried chicken dish is one of my favorite japanese dishes of all time. H/A introduced me to it awhile back, and since I’ve only had it at Yakitori Boy, it remains my favorite. Whenever it comes out, it’s always super super hot, so you have to be careful not to burn your mouth. But damn, it’s so juicy and delicious. Below that is some kind of yakitori sampler. I don’t think you get to pick, so you just get whatever they bring out. We ended up with some pork belly, shrimp, liver, and balls. It was all good, except for liver. I do not care for liver. I wish it had been gizzards.
We got a bunch of rolls too. The ones at the bottom are some kind of tuna and avocado roll, the rainbow roll, and the green river roll. The massive crazy looking one at the top was a special of the day, and our server was cuckoo crazy over it. He insisted that we try it. It was good, but it was just way too much. It had fish and was deep fried and had crunch on top and was literally served with four different sauces at the same time. It should be called the schizophrenic roll.
The hokkak don. It’s so beautiful! The uni? ┬áIck. Nobody wanted it.
The pork ramen. Not bad! It’s still the only ramen I’ve had in Philadelphia, so far. And so far, it’s not bad. I’d order it.
My tempura soba. It’s still good! We ended up ordering way too much food and it was a shame that some of it did not end up getting eaten. But H/A did a fairly good job of doing his garbage man duties and eating most of everything. It’s always a fun time here.
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