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Cocktails In The Burbs At Verdad

We decided to go out for drinks in the burbs. Since K and I live in Ardmore/Havertown, I decided that Verdad in Bryn Mawr would be a nice option to try. It hasn’t been there that long, I think it’s now occupying the spot where Carmine used to be for what now seems to be a split second. Verdad bills themselves as latin influenced tapas. So it’s small plates here. It’s a pretty nice place. The people inside seemed fancy. We were certainly classing down the joint, ha. They have tons of tequila, sangria that you can see in these big jugs, and beers on draft as well.

I got a passion fruit margarita, which was rather awesome.It wasn’t super sweet, it was nice and boozy, and yet had plenty of passion fruit flavor. The girls both got the caipirinha, and they were also nice and boozy. They don’t skimp on the booze, which is nice, since the drinks are priced accordingly, and with main line prices.

K was feeling a bit peckish so she ordered the tortilla soup. Now I’ve had my share of mexican tortilla soup in my day, but this one was strange. It looked like creamy tomato soup, with some tortilla strips thrown on top. That’s not normal. There’s not nearly enough tortilla strips. The avocado is pretty invisible. It was just lacking… content! And K wasn’t crazy about it. At the end of the night, she realized it was pretty crappy. So the one food dish turned out to be disappointing, but I was definitely a fan of the drinks. I would certainly return for cocktails!
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Ramblas Tapas Brunch

Once again, we woke up super late. And I pretty much missed the festival goodbye brunch. But we still had to eat, so we headed out for brunch again. We thought about trying again for Boogaloos, but didn’t want to trek all the way over there again, just to be disappointed. So we roamed a little bit closer and ended up at Ramblas, which is a tapas place. J had been here before for dinner and had liked it, so we thought why not? We were slightly concerned because we were the only people there. And it was about noon. We thought maybe this was a terrible idea. Luckily, after we showed up, more people started coming in. So perhaps this is a late brunch type of place.
J’s Croque Senior – grilled jamon and manchego on country bread topped with two fried eggs with a spicy bechamel. It said it came with hash browns but when it showed up, it clearly came with fries. Quite misleading indeed.
So J actually mentioned this to the waiter, and he brought out some of this really cool potato hash for him. It came with an aioli that looks ok to the eye, but is secretly extremely spicy. It is apparently made with the potent ghost pepper, and damn, you can taste it! Despite the extreme spicyness, the aioli was beyond good.
I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I asked the waiter for recommendations. One of his recommendations was what I picked, the Eggs Charles V – poached eggs on english muffin with some greens, jamón serrano, all piled on top of some potato hash, sitting in a pool of pimenton hollandaise. Whoa, was this recommendation on point. I love, love, loved this! Service was good. While we were apprehensive at first due to the dearth of customers in this place, we were both pleasantly surprised. Skip the lines at other over hyped spots and try the brunch here. It ain’t pancakes or hash browns, but it’s delicious and affordable!
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Happy Birthday Bar Ferdinand

This weekend marked the 3rd birthday of our favorite tapas spot in northern liberties (are there any other ones?), Bar Ferdinand. To celebrate, they had discounted food, flamenco dancing, and free midnight paella. I was lucky enough to be invited to a special pre-party which sported some additional free food from neighboring restaurant El Camino Real, as well as free paella, way before midnight. We had some pork ribs from the real, which weren’t bad, but weren’t great either. I was absolutely starving, so I scarfed down a handful of these right quick, just to fill my belly. There were also some pulled pork things and guacamole. Holy guacamole! I know my first and last El Camino Real visit was highly disappointing, but for their guacamole, I would return. Swear to avocados. Excellent guacamole here folks. And the margaritas was delish too.

Absolutely the largest paella pan I’ve personally ever seen. And delicious too. What’s better than free paella served up by surly tattooed hipsters?

The flamenco was spot on. This was the last show of the night, right before the freakin monsoon.

Once the monsoon started, we were literally trapped inside Bar Ferdinand. So what do you do? You grab some beers and just hang out. We hung out for a long time. The rain would not let up or stop. Eventually, when it was just lightly raining, we ran and escaped. Certainly, there would be worse places to be stuck during a thunderstorm.

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