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The Bean Cycle – Ft. Collins

We couldn’t bust out of Wyoming fast enough. Within a quick drive, we were saved by glorious Ft. Collins. We started roaming the adorable little college town’s downtown area and stopped into the Bean Cycle for some morning brew. Here’s something we didn’t expect of the place. It’s huge. It’s absolutely deceptively ginormous. It just goes on and on and there’s even a little upstairs with a bookstore? The counter is huge, and the menus behind the counter are huge.
They have a huge variety of organic and vegan baked goods. In fact, one thing I noticed, is that most of the coffee shops in Colorado specifically seem to carry vegan baked goods. There are some sofas, a piano, some counter space, and tons of tables for you to get comfortable. 
It is family operated shop, and all the coffees are organic, fair trade, and roasted in-house. In addition to your standard coffee options, they have a number of specialized drinks. I got the Ella Vanilla, made with honey, vanilla, steamed milk, and espresso. It was ella good! Strong and delicious. S got the Mexican Mocha, made with cinnamon stick, orange, ghirardelli chocolate, and espresso. She enjoyed hers immensely. They’re not exactly speedy here. It takes awhile to get your order, but that’s ok. You can just hang out and relax.

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Sweet Action Ice Cream – Denver

We got back to Denver, and were still in our meat coma. We headed down to 1st and Broadway to walk around a bit and check out some of the shops. It was a sunday, so most were closed by then, but the walk was welcomed by our meat-filled bellies. Eventually, we felt slightly peckish for a little something, so we stopped in at Sweet Action. It’s an ice cream shop! Not hard to figure out what to do here. They have some normal flavors and some more wacky flavors. They also have several vegan offerings, which is pretty cool. You can get shakes too and ice cream sandwiches. There are pints available to take home.
I got some salted butterscotch and some colorado sweet corn ice creams. I wanted the salted butterscotch to taste like salted caramel, but it didn’t really. But it was still good. The colorado sweet corn was quite lovely, with little frozen bits of corn. S also tried the sweet corn along with the colorado sweet plum. But we agreed that our favorite of the night was the corn! Corn ice cream! I love it!

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